Wir erzählen

Ihr fragt euch bestimmt schon, welche Geschichten wir zu erzählen haben. Da wir ja im Norden wohnen, haben wir auch die ein oder andere Flaschenpost Story auf Lager. Seid gespannt. 🙂

1. A bittersweet reminder

A simple brown bottle plucked from the Baltic Sea by a fisherman gave one woman a glimpse of the grandfather she had never met.

Fisherman Konrad Fischer (shown above) found the bottle 101 years after Richard Platz tossed it into the Baltic while on a hike on the German coast. Though Platz died in 1946, a genealogist followed the clues and found his way to the door of his granddaughter, Angela Erdmann. Platz died six years before Erdmann was born, making the delivery of the postcard bittersweet.

„He also included two stamps from that time that were also in the bottle, so the finder would not incur a cost,“ Erdmann told The Guardian. „But he had not thought it would take 101 years.“

Eines Abens ander ecker Förde

2. Across the Atlantic in nine years

While visiting a beach in Rockport, Massachusetts, Max Vredenburgh and his father sealed a message in a bottle and threw it out to sea. That was August 2010, when Vredenburgh was 10 years old.

The message included Vredenburgh’s name and a few of his interests at the time, along with his address and a request for a response. He soon forgot about his dispatch, but the Atlantic Ocean didn’t. In November 2019, Vredenburgh — now a student at Suffolk University in Boston — received a text from his father saying the message had been answered. The response came from someone named „G Dubois,“ who apparently found the bottle on a beach in October. That beach wasn’t in Massachusetts, though, or even North America — it was in France.

„It will have taken 9 years to cover the 6000 [kilometers] that separates us,“ the response stated. „You had grown a lot during that time: 10 to 19 years old.“ Vredenburgh, who posted pictures of both letters on Twitter, added that „due to popular demand i will be keeping everyone updated on the situation!“

3. A treasure found in Texas

In January 2019, Jim and Candy Duke were enjoying one of their favorite Saturday pastimes — walking along the Padre Island National Seashore in Texas — when they discovered a glass bottle entangled with tree limbs on the shore. Miraculously, the bottle wasn’t covered in barnacles and looked almost brand new. The bottle contained a message on orange paper that said „BREAK BOTTLE.“